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Teacher Spotlight

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We pride ourselves on hiring only the absolute best for our Beach Friends.

Timothy Kanhai, Beach Friend’s Director/Owner

Timothy Kanhai is the owner of Beach Friend’s Sensory Club. He has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and a CDA certificate. He lives in Long Beach with his three new young children.

Regina Glamore, Beach Friend’s Co-director

Beach Friends Co-director, Regina Glamore holds a bachelor’s degree in music and a certificate in music education. Regina also has a Master of Science degree in psychology. Regina first started her career as both a paraprofessional and teacher’s assistant. She then worked as a direct support professional and moved her way up to house Manager and eventually went on to open her own group home. Later she was hired as an elementary music teacher for the New York City Department of Education. She worked for the New York City Department of Education for 6 years. Regina decided to take a position at Beach Friends Sensory club for the freedom of teaching children without the political aspects of it. She could then also pursue her own music school: magical music with Miss Regina. Today, Regina resides in sound Beach with her husband and daughter Persephone.

Laura Welch, Head Teacher

Laura Welch was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In 2007 Laura first started her teaching journey with children by volunteering at a local daycare In Brooklyn for a year. She then went on to become an assistant teacher then moved up to head teacher over the years. Laura has always had a passion and drive to work with children since she was a young teen in High School. What children love most about Laura is her kind heart, gentle love, patience and fun learning she provides. In her free time Laura loves to do yoga, meditation, cook, bake, spend time with her family, spouse and daughter.

Susan Esposito, Head Teacher

Susan Esposito has been teaching children and teenagers for the past 20 years. She has raised three children with her youngest 14 year old daughter still at home. Susan has a BS in English and Education with a Masters certificate in Special Education. She has lived in Long Beach most of her life and raised her children here. Her educational philosophy is one of inclusion for all and focusing on each child individually. Bringing out smiles in children and establishing good self-esteem is her life’s work.

Terry Winter, Assistant Teacher

Beach Friend’s assistant teacher, Teresa Winter raised three children as a stay-at-home mom for 17 years. During that time, she volunteered with the PTA and helped start many programs and fundraisers here in the Long Beach schools. After returning to work she was employed
at Magnolia daycare for 14 years, working as an assistant teacher. She 
thoroughly enjoys working with the young children grow.

Anita Gordon, Assistant Teacher

Beach Friend’s assistant teacher, Anita Gordon raised four children as a stay-at-home mom for 32 years. During that time, she began her own cleaning business so that she could continue to raise her children while earning an income. As her children aged, she then went on to help take care of her 2, soon to be 3 grandchildren while her children pursued their careers. This ensured that her children’s children would always be in the care of the family. Recently, Anita decided to work as an assistant teacher as her two granddaughters currently attend as students and she wanted to be able to watch them learn and grow. Anita loves working with children and she is brought such joy seeing them learn and grow daily.

Josephine Prisco, Assistant Teacher

Josephine Prisco has been married for 13 yrs. She is new to the Long Beach area, but has many years of experience working with children in daycare. She enjoys working with the children & watching them learn & grow throughout the years. She has also done volunteer work at the local church.

Shannon Ryder, Assistant Teacher

Shannon Ryder has been working with children for 15 years since she was a teenager. She holds a certificate in ASL which she got from Hofstra University. She also holds an associates degree in medical coding and billing from Nassau Community College. She’s currently working on her Child development associates. She was born and raised in Island Park and has many community ties. Shannon loves working with children and loves to help people whether it be children or adults.

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Beach Family Daycare provides childcare and early learning for families in Long Beach, Island Park and surrounding areas.

Join Our Beach Family Today!

Beach Family Daycare provides childcare and early learning for families in Long Beach, Island Park, and surrounding areas.