Session Schedule – Beach Family

Session Schedule


7:00am – 5:00pm

Full Time Program

We are excited to announce the transition to our full-day schedule, operating from 7 AM to 5 PM. This new schedule allows us to better accommodate the needs of families without the limitations of shorter sessions.

To maintain a focused and personalized learning environment, we will have two classrooms, each accommodating up to 12 children. Our commitment to safety and cleanliness remains unwavering, with thorough health checks and rigorous maintenance of cleanliness logs. The program will nurture all children through play and learning. Children will experience a variety of learning through circle time, pre academics skills, fine motor, and gross motor, art, music, mindfulness, self-help skills, science, and cooking lessons.

Each Beach Friends session consists of 6 – 30 minute blocks dedicated to a particular activity. The children will start their day with engaging and exciting circle time and pre-academic skills. It will be followed by fine motor skills, enjoying the sensory gym, art & music, and ending each session with self-help skills, science, or cooking. Children will also experience ample outdoor time with our new playground and large outdoor space.

With two sessions to choose from, your child can surely benefit from a great experience at BF.


Circle Time

Start the day with a fun and engaging circle time and sing along! The kids will finish up circle time with pre academic learning.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor is the coordination of small muscles, in movements. BF assists in pre writing skills in a developmental sequence as well as manipulating small items, scissors and building with blocks.

Gross Motor Sensory Gym

What better way to let it all out?! Children will be able to exercise their gross motor skills. BF provides an excellent sensory gym equipped with swings, jungle gyms and a variety of ways to stimulate your child.

Art Music Mindfullness

Beach Friends will allow for creative self-expression, art, dance, musical rhythms and mindfulness. The children will become aware of different type of instruments and music, and show music appreciation.

Self Help

We end each session with age appropriate self-help skills activities by learning how to put on jackets, feeding, set the table, wash hands and cleaning up.


Children will grow through language skills through stories, songs and dramatic play; and water play in both a structured and non-structured environment.


Children will use, build and organize using evidence to create and participate in science experiments. What a great mind way for fun and exciting hands on learning experiences.


The children will learn about healthy eating habits while participating in our cooking lessons. They will understand sequencing, vocabulary, use retelling while using their math skills while enjoying yummy healthy snacks.

Join Beach Friends!

Beach Friends  is full time early learning program for children aged 1-5 years old.

Join Beach Friends!

Beach Friends  is full time early learning program for children aged 1-5 years old.